Machining Facilities :

 UUNIQE takes the price in its robust facilities located in the thriving Pithampur Industrial area, covering an expansive area of approximately 6,000 sq. ft. Our state-of-the-art resources empower us to meet a diverse range of operational needs with efficiency and precision.
Our plant is equipped with essential machinery, creating a technologically advanced environment for the production of industrial valves. Key machines include VMC & CNC machines, surface grinder, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, testing equipment. material handing equipments, and various other tools & tackels. This comprehensive setup ensures the seamless production of a wide range of valves and related products.

We are among the few companies that handles all components in-house, from machining the body to crafting gate, stem, nut, washer, checknut, pipe, and more. This vertical integration enables us to maintain better control over product delivery and quality, setting us apart in the industry.

Assembly Shop :

Complementing our machining plant, our assembly shop is strategically located in the Indore Industrial area, spanning an area of approximately 3,300 sq. ft. This dedicated space is meticulously designed to facilitate the assembly, testing, finishing, and packing of valves.

Commitment to Excellence :

At UUNIQE, our commitment to excellence extends to every stage of the production process. The assembly shop is a testament to our dedication to delivering valves that consistently meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. From precision machining to meticulous assembly, we ensure that each product reflects the precision and craftsmanship that defines UUNIQE.

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