Core Business Activities

Welcome to UUNIQE - Your Partner in Industrial Excellence

At UUNIQE, located in the heart of central India, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the industrial landscape. As a seasoned business organization, our primary focus is on the manufacturing of precision-engineered solutions, ranging from various types of knife gate valves, slide gate valves to other type of industrial valves, all meticulously designed for diverse applications.

Our Offerings

Our offerings extend far beyond the ordinary, covering a spectrum of Industrial Valves.

Unparalleled in quality and performance, our range of knife gate valves sets industry standards, ensuring optimal functionality in varied industrial environments.

Seamlessly designed for diverse applications, our slide gate valves embody efficiency and durability.

Beyond knife gate valves, we specialize in an array of industrial valves, catering to the specific needs of different sectors

Enhance the integrity of your pipelines with our comprehensive range of flanges ensuring seamless operations.

Choose UUNIQE’s valves that blend innovative design with material versatility. Elevate your operations with a solution that delivers durability and performance, setting a  new standard in valve technology. Please refer to the individual data sheets of the valves for more clarity.

Comprehensive Engineering Services:

UUNIQE is not just a manufacturer; we’re your partner in industrial success. Our commitment extends beyond products to a wide range of engineering services, including erection and commissioning, installation, and on-site maintenance of various types of valves. We aim to be recognized not just as a supplier but as a trusted brand in the industrial valve market.

Strategic Collaborations

UUNIQE proudly engages in strategic collaborations with leading companies, reinforcing our commitment to innovation in the field of Control & Instrumentation Accessories.

Elevate your control systems with our premium accessories, designed for efficiency and reliability.

Diverse Offerings

Going beyond our core competencies, UUNIQE is dedicated to producing bespoke hydraulic operated machines.Our manufacturing prowess is complemented by a comprehensive suite of engineering solutions.

Tailored to your specifications, our hydraulic machines are crafted for precision and durability.

Specialized Solutions

In addition to our core offerings, we actively engage in strategic partnerships, particularly in the mining industry, offering specialized services related to Rock Bolts. Moreover, we extend our expertise to Space Frame Architectures, collaborating on innovative solutions in this domain.

We provide Rock Bolts and Dome Nuts tailored for the mining industry, showcasing our commitment to meeting unique industry needs.

As a forward-thinking company, we transcend traditional boundaries. Our collaborations extend to the realm of Space Frame Architectures, offering cutting-edge design and seamless installation. Explore our partnerships for innovative solutions that reflect our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Export Focus

UUNIQE takes immense pride in its global presence, serving as an exclusive export-oriented unit. Our commitment to delivering excellence extends across international markets, making us a reliable partner for clients worldwide. This global outlook underscores our dedication to providing quality engineering solutions on a truly international scale.


At UUNIQE, we bring a fusion of expertise, innovation, and strategic collaborations to redefine possibilities in the world of industrial valves and engineering solutions.

Our commitment to precision extends to understanding the unique requirements of our clients. Whether it’s a challenging industrial environment or a specialized application, UUNIQE has the expertise to tailor solutions that go beyond expectations.Embrace a partnership with UUNIQE, where our proficiency in industrial valves becomes your strategic advantage. Precision, diversity, and unparalleled performance – that’s the UUNIQE promise.

“UUNIQE – Shapping the future of engineering with precision and unwaveing commitment from VALVES TO VISION”

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